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At Fellowship Pickering you can expect an exciting and energetic worship gathering. The goal of the service is to clearly present the message of Jesus Christ in a way that is relevant. With friendly people, coffee and snacks, upbeat songs, and a laid back atmosphere, you should feel right at home from the moment you step into the building.

What should I wear?
The Bible says that man looks at the outside, but the Lord looks at your heart. At Fellowship Pickering, we’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than with what you wear. Most people will dress in casual weekend attire, so dress how you feel comfortable and you’ll fit right in. We don’t care as long as you come dressed!

What’s available for my kids?
We have an excellent kid’s experience at Fellowship Pickering. Our screened volunteers will make sure your kids have an exciting and fun time, learning about God and Biblical values. We have a fully staffed nursery for babies 0-3 years old. Also, we have an engaging kids church for ages 4-11. We believe your kids will have a great time and will look forward to coming back each week.

Fellowship Pickering is a community open to all people, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey. This is a great place to meet a diverse group of people and become a part of a supportive community that reaches out to those who are hurting, in need, or who just want to belong to something bigger than themselves.

Relevant Teaching
Dynamic and relevant teaching is a priority at Fellowship Pickering. Pastor Matt will guide you through the practical and timeless truths of the Bible with humor and sincerity. We hope you find the teaching inspiring and applicable to your everyday life.